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Arabic Language:-
We are launching an online course to learn Arabic in very short period. Many new Muslims seek for learning Arabic as it is the language of the Holy Quran and the language of Islam. Arabic is so important to learn and understand the Holy Quran and to be able to read any Islamic books as these are mostly in Arabic language. Many Muslim non-Arab natives start to memorize Quran and recite it, they have a big problem with Arabic language as they know nothing about. So, if you want to learn Arabic to understand Quran, join our best online class. Some people say that Arabic is so difficult language and has many rules and many differences among all the other languages, but Arabic is a language as any other languages if you begin to learn and practice, you will be perfect. Through our best portal, you will learn everything about Arabic and you will study the four skills of it, listening, speaking, reading and writing, and in a very short period of learning and practicing, you will be perfect.

Through our online class:

1. You will be introduced to the Arabic letters and articles. Through this course, you will study the Arabic letters and be able to pronounce it correctly. For example, (م) this letter is called (Meem) so, you will study the Arabic alphabet.

2. You will listen to Arabic audios and tracks. Also, you will listen to many Arabic audios and Quran to practice Arabic. It helps you to get used to this language and you will learn how to shadow theses tracks to benefit from it.

3. You will study Grammar (Naho) and morphology (Sarf) and some other studies related to Arabic. Learn Arabic online in 6 months. You will learn Grammar which helps you to read Arabic faster and correctly. You will study the rules of Nahw(نحو); such as • Components of the sentences (the verb فِعْل , the doer الفاعِلُ, and the object المَفْعُوْلُ بِهِ).

Why learn Arabic?
The Quran was revealed in Arabic and as the main source of knowledge for Muslims, it is beneficial to have some knowledge of Arabic.

Is it necessary to learn Arabic?
It is necessary to know enough so that you can understand the basic surahs in the salah, for example Surah Fatihah and the takbeerat. It is of course preferable to know more so that it becomes easier to understand what is being recited in the prayers.

How can I learn Arabic online?
We can appreciate that it may be daunting to learn a new language. However, with access to native Arabic speaking tutors through Learn Quran System, you now have access to some of the best Quran and Arabic teachers from around the world who are waiting to teach you Arabic.